Libya Archaeological Guides: Tripolitania

Libya Archaeological Guides: Tripolitania


Philip Kenrick (2009)

ISBN: 9781900971089 | Published by: Silphium Press | Year of Publication: 2009 | Language: English 232p, 113 illustrations


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This is a new series of guides to the archaeology of Libya, from prehistoric times until the invasion of the Bani Hilal in AD 1051, written by acknowledged experts for the non-specialist traveller. The first volume, TRIPOLITANIA, by Philip Kenrick, deals with a region which offers the visitor not only the classical splendours of UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Sabratha and Lepcis Magna, but also a hinterland which is rich in standing monuments of the Punic, Roman and early Islamic periods. All are described and explained in a comprehensive gazetteer.

  • Historical background, from prehistory until the early Middle Ages
  • Regional maps, site plans, drawings and reconstructions of individual buildings
  • Museum layout plans and guides to displays
  • Navigating instructions, with GPS coordinates for most sites
  • Lavish photography in colour

“This guidebook is both authoritative and accessible – a real incentive to join a tour to Libya and look beyond the largest and most impressive sites such as Lepcis Magna and Sabratha. Don’t waste your money on lesser products, this is THE guidebook to Libya’s archaeology.” David Mattingly, Professor of Roman Archaeology, University of Leicester.

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