by Jean-Marie Blas de Roblès, Claude Sintes and Philip Kenrick

Algeria is a large country, rich in visual remains of its long and complex history. The monuments of the Roman period are particularly impressive. This is partly because they are well-preserved, but also because the French, who colonlised the region in the 19th century and ruled it until 1962, carried out extensive excavations and restorations. Algeria is not yet in the grip of the mass tourism which is engulfing better known destinations; now is therefore the time to explore its beautiful landscapes and rich cultural heritage. The Roman sites rank amongst the most spectacular anywhere in the Mediterranean and represent and important aspect of the nation’s past.

130 × 210 mm, 328 pp., 315 colour illustrations and maps

ISBN-13 978-1-900971-54-6

(Silphium Books/Society for Libyan Studies 2019)