Snakes, Sands And Silphium: Travels In Classical Libya [PAPERBACK]

Snakes, Sands And Silphium: Travels In Classical Libya [PAPERBACK]


By Paul Wright (2011)

ISBN: 9781900971126 | Published by: Silphium Press | Year of Publication: 2011 | Language: English 272p


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Egypt, Carthage and other African civilisations are well documented but the land and people between them are less well known yet also worthy of consideration. This collection of extracts from classical authors on subjects relating to ancient Libya presents more than fifty writers from Homer to the end of the Roman Empire and provides an eclectic mixture of descriptions of Libya, its people, flora, fauna, climate, geography and episodes in its history as presented by politicians, poets, philosophers, priests, historians and soldiers, both native and foreign.

Newly translated and illustrated with a variety of photographs, maps, line drawings and specially commissioned illustrations, with a comprehensive glossary and suggestions for further reading and research, the book is suitable for both the general reader and the specialist.

Readers are invited to dip in and enjoy whatever may take their fancy… voyages of exploration, the many uses of silphium, romantic poetry, the horrors of war, the dangers posed by snakes and scorpions, the exploits of kings and emperors, strange native customs, farming the desert and many other topics in both the texts and the illustrations which inform and amuse. Snakes, Sands and Silphium is an excellent introduction to ancient North African, complements any travel guide, and provides context for the archaeologist and historian.

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