Graeme Barker, David Gilbertson, Barri Jones and David Mattingly. 1996.

Volume Two: Gazetteer And Pottery.
Edited by David Mattingly.

The desert margins of North Africa are rich in archaeological ruins of the Roman period, evidence of dense settlement 2000 years ago in what are now arid and hostile environments. “Farming the Desert” is the result of a detailed interdisciplinary study by archeologists, historians and geographers of a single region: the basins of the Wadis Sofeggin and ZemZem in Tripolitania, Northwest Libya.

The project’s methodologies for studying the archeology of arid-zone agriculture have been recognised internationally. The gazetteer synthesises the UNESCO Libyan Valleys Archeological Survey data as a single document, rather than in the fashion of a British Sites and Monuments Record.

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