Excavations at Sidi Khrebish Benghazi (Berenice) Volume 3 – Part 2

Excavations at Sidi Khrebish Benghazi (Berenice) Volume 3 – Part 2


Volume III: Part 2: The Lamps (D. Bailey)

ISBN: 5550021983 | Published by: Society for Libyan Studies | Series: Supplements to Libya Antiqua | Volume: V.iii.2 | Year of Publication: 1985 | Language: English 206p, 39 b/w pls, 19 b/w illus, fold-out


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Volume III: Part 2: The Lamps consists of a catalogue and discussion of the many thousands of lamps and lamp-sherds recorded, of which over 1200 are illustrated. The evidence of a substantial, but derivative, local lamp industry may be compared with the huge volume of imports from Africa, Tripolitania, Greece, Crete and Asia Minor.

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