Recipient Dr Julia Nikolaus
Date 01 February, 2021
Amount £3000 (Pilot Project)
The Cyrenaican coastline is rich in archaeological sites that are at risk of damage or destruction from rapid agricultural and building development, as well as erosion and storm surges likely caused by climate change. The proposed project forms part of a pilot study that records threats and damages to archaeological sites along the coast of Cyrenaica, between Apollonia (Sousa) and Teucheira (Tocra), using remote sensing techniques as well as undertaking physical surveys in the dedicated survey areas.

The aim is to conduct a comprehensive condition assessment of both terrestrial and submerged archaeological sites. The outcome of this survey will form the basis for a second stage of this project, which will look to develop comprehensive protection and mitigation strategies for particularly vulnerable sites along the Cyreanaican coast, in partnership with the Department of Antiquities (DoA) Cyrenaica, Benghazi University and Al-Bayda University.