Recipient Dr Victoria Leitch
Date 01 January, 2017
Amount £2,500
Summary This project follows up on research carried out during an intensive and successful workshop at the Society for Libyan archives at the University of Leicester in July 2014 (funded by the ERC), in collaboration with the Centre Camille Jullian (Aix-en-Provence). The idea behind that first workshop was to improve our understanding of trade routes and supply channels across the Libyan pre-desert and beyond, by carrying out, for the first time, scientific analysis of the sherds from the Libyan Valleys survey and from Ghirza (undertaken by archaeometrist Claudi Capelli). The results were recently publicised in a poster at the September 2016 Rei Cretariae Romanae Fautores conference in Libson. This new project seeks to extend the research to Fazzan to help answer key questions about Trans-Saharan pottery trade. I