Recipient Dr Matthew Hobson/ Dr Muftah Hddad
Date 01 March, 2019
Amount £2,500
Summary Crucial to modern heritage management is an effective way to store and analyse information about the location and nature of archaeological sites. The EAMENA Project has been providing training to heritage managers in the use of spatial databases and satellite imagery for monitoring and heritage management purposes.

The project has been working with partner heritage institutions in countries across the Middle East and North Africa, encouraging and aiding in the improvement of systems of work and technical infrastructure. Training and collaborative work with twenty staff members from the Libyan Department of Antiquities has already resulted in the creation of database records of several thousand sites - See:

The high latency of Libya’s communications network poses certain challenges to the provision of online access to a centralized sites and monuments database. Under the direction of the EAMENA project's Dr Matthew Hobson and Dr Muftah al-Hddad [] this grant is allowing a web-browser database interface to be developed by Bart Noordervliet of MMVI [], specifically designed to accommodate slow and unreliable internet connections.

The result will be a greater number of staff from the Department of Antiquities being able to access and contribute information to a centralised database of sites and monuments.

An interim report (March 2020) is available here:

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