Recipient Lorena Gazotti
Date 01 February, 2019
Amount £800 (Travel Grant)
Summary This project is follow-up research to my PhD thesis, which explores how development and humanitarianism are used politically as instruments of migration governance in so-called ‘transit’ countries.

Research on the role of aid in migration governance has failed to analyse the implementation aspect of migration-related aid policies.

My work addresses this gap by analysing the rise of Sub-Saharan migrants as a category of beneficiaries of development and humanitarian organisations in Morocco. The aim of this follow-up project is to collect additional data which will allow me to add two chapters to my thesis and expand it into a publishable monograph.

In particular, this field visit aims at collecting further data on two main themes 1) how migrants engage with, or protest against, aid agencies; 2) how human rights organisation engage with, reject or sidestep donors’ assistance for migration-related projects.