Recipient Dr Barbara Spadaro
Date 01 September, 2021
Amount £3480 (Pilot Project Award)
Summary This project will allow Dr Spadaro to conduct three types of exploratory fieldwork, by meeting artists of the Libyan diaspora and professionals of audio storytelling, by exploring new research development practices and by enhancing her understanding of co-creation through the production of a new type of research output. The project aims to produce a podcast series on four female artists of the Libyan and Italian diasporas who, from a position of displacement and through a variety of media (from videoart to the graphic novel), explore the same questions that underly Spadaro’s research on transcultural memory, heritage, belonging, power, and the media of History in the contemporary world. The podcast series will be developed by Spadaro in collaboration with a team of professional audio storytellers experienced in research dissemination and broadcast. This pilot project for the production of 3-5 episodes will help to evaluate the feasibility of a larger research, scholarship and impact project involving more artists and cross-sectorial collaborations.