Recipient Sara Elgaddari
Date 01 February, 2016
Amount £2540
Summary At the turn of the nineteenth century, and in response to pressure from European states, the Regency of Tripoli attempted to re-establish its status as ‘Capitana’ (or ‘Chief’ of the three ‘Barbary’ regencies) during a time of rapid economic and social change. This project will consider the extent to which the government of Yusuf Pasha Qaramanli (1725–1838) sought to reformulate Tripoli’s relationship with its subjects and its neighbours through the activities of Tripoline notables in Northern Europe. Utilising a rare archive of the first-hand accounts of one Tripoline ambassador, Hassuna D’Ghies, this project will also shed light on a series of cross-cultural encounters that, together with Tripoli’s foreign policy ambitions, have not been previously investigated.