by J. B. Ward-Perkins. Edited by P. M. Kenrick with drawings by R. Kronenburg. 1993.

The building programme begun in the A.D. 190s by the Roman emperor Septimius Severus at his home city of Lepcis Magna is widely recognised as the grandest project of its kind in the ancient world. This architectural study by the late J. B. Ward-Perkins provides a full description and analysis of the principal monuments of the Severan programme, namely the Forum, Basilica, Colonnaded Street and Nymphaeum. Copiously and handsomely illustrated, the corpus is accompanied by extended discussion which includes consideration of the remarkable evidence presented by these monuments for the organisation of the construction of major Roman public buildings. This book is based on several seasons of research at Lepcis by a team led by Ward-Perkins, whose substantial draft text and drawings have been prepared for publication by Philp Kenrick and Robert Kronenburg, with support from the Society for Libyan Studies.

This publication will be of interest to all students of classical antiquity and to architectural historians.

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