Created by Charlotte Roueché, Gabriel Bodard and Irene Vagionakis. With contributions from Caroline Barron, Francesca Bigi, Catherine Dobias-Lalou, Usama Gad, Philip Kenrick, Robert Kerr, Michael Mackensen, Ignazio Tantillo.

In 1947 Joyce Reynolds and John Ward-Perkins, based at the British School in Rome, started recording inscriptions in Libya. The resultant publication, _Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania_, (IRT) in 1952, was astonishingly prompt, and this was in part made possible by extensive collaboration with Italian archaeologists – a model of post-war reconciliation. Post-war circumstances also meant that there was no space to include much commentary or many of the rich collection of photographs which were held at the BSR. In 2009 an online re-edition was published, by the BSR working with King’s College London; it was fully illustrated, and Joyce Reynolds provided English translations of all the texts.

That edition was much richer, but it only included texts published up until 1955. In 2020 the Institute (then the Society for Libyan Studies), working with King’s College, published online another collection of inscriptions prepared by Joyce Reynolds, _Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica 2020_ (IRCyr2020). They then agreed to fund the preparation of an enhanced edition of IRT, in the same format. The principal difference in this edition is that it has returned to the principles of the 1952 edition, in drawing extensively on the help of other scholars. The texts have all been published already; and a substantial number of colleagues have contributed their knowledge and, in particular, their photographs. The aim of this publication is to provide the fullest  and most easily searchable record of all the published Greek, Latin and Latino-Punic  inscriptions from Tripolitania which we have been able to locate.

We very much hope that these two publications will facilitate and encourage the study of eastern and western Libya. and will be used to build further publications.

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