Edited by Joyce Reynolds, Charlotte Roueché, Gabriel Bodard, in collaboration with Catherine Dobias-Lalou. The edition designed and prepared by Gabriel Bodard, Simona Stoyanova and Irene Vagionakis.

This edition of the Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica 2020 (IRCyr2020) is being published to mark the 102nd birthday, on 18 December 2020, of Joyce Reynolds, of Newnham College Cambridge, the principal author. It would be misleading to describe this collection as complete. We are presenting everything available to us, including texts published up to 2012; for consistency, this includes a small number of texts published by other scholars. There will be other texts not yet published; there will be further illustrations and other data for the texts presented here. We would welcome further material for an eventual further edition; we hope that readers will feel free to download, republish and enhance these materials. But our principal intention is to enable others to benefit from Reynolds’ work, and to stimulate and enable further study and understanding of Roman Cyrenaica.

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