Excavations At Sabratha, Volume II, Part 2: The Fine Wares and Lamps

This is the second part of the second volume of the first report on the finds from K. Kenyon’s and J. B. Ward-Perkins’s excavations at Sabratha from 1948-1951. It contains full discussion and catalogues. Part 2 of this volume constitutes a landmark in the study of Punic and Roman finewares from Sabratha and Tripolitania, not only covering new dated types but also quantified studies and analyses. An indispensable aid to all archaeologists working on classical Mediterranean sites.

Publisher: Society for Libyan Studies; Bilingual edition (1994)
Language: English, Arabic

Edited by M. G. Fulford and R. Tomber.
With contributions by N. Keay, J.R. Timby, J.W. Hayes and D.M. Bailey.

A4 format, 224 pp. 48 illustrations.

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